Walton's Façade, conducted by John Wilson

  • CD Release - Orchid Classics

Zeb and Carole Boyd (best known for playing Lynda Snell in The Archers) have made a new recording of Façade, Edith Sitwell's eccentric poetry set to music by William Walton, conducted by John Wilson, founder of the John Wilson Orchestra.  Produced by Andrew Keener.

We have on this recording two of the loveliest, most characterful voices on British radio.
— Andrew Keener, Producer, Gramophone Magazine
These two celebrated voices chant the strange poems of Edith Sitwell with an infallible rhythm and a perfect, stretched or swift diction. The originality of this new version comes from the judicious way in which Boyd and Soanes distributed not only the twenty-one poems but sometimes the verses within each. Boyd and Soanes allow the listener to constantly grasp striking fleeting images and revel in not only the associations of words but their sonority. The charm, the off-the-wall bravery and the apparent carefreeness of this new version deserve much attention.
— Christine Labroche, ConcertoNet.com