Press Cuttings

Zeb Soanes was a beguiling story-teller. There was a relaxed naturalness about his perfectly enunciated delivery of the texts, an ease which belied the thorough preparation which is necessary to ensure such a fluent and captivating presentation. Soanes’ recounting of Sally Beamish’s Sea Psalm was particularly noteworthy. Embodying the voice of the sole surviving officer of a World War II naval accident, Soanes brought tension and drama to his account of the dramatic splitting of a ship into two halves, with great loss of life, but he was never melodramatic, always measured. His timing of the narrative episodes in this complexly structured work was flawless.
— Claire Seymour, Seen and Heard International - on Opus Anglicanum's 'An English Music' at King's Place, London
These two celebrated voices chant the strange poems of Edith Sitwell with an infallible rhythm and a perfect, stretched or swift diction. The originality of this new version comes from the judicious way in which Boyd and Soanes distributed not only the twenty-one poems but sometimes the verses within each. Boyd and Soanes allow the listener to constantly grasp striking fleeting images and revel in not only the associations of words but their sonority. The charm, the off-the-wall bravery and the apparent carefreeness of this new version deserve much attention.
— Christine Labroche, - on the release of Walton Façade