The Shipping Forecast - Interview

© Artwork by  Sian Kellaway

© Artwork by Sian Kellaway

Max Sanderson's Humania podcasts are beautifully constructed works of audio art.  He visited Zeb at Broadcasting House one evening to talk about the beguiling appeal of The Shipping Forecast.

The Shipping Forecast was first issued via Telegraph in 1861 and has, through its daily broadcasts on BBC Radio 4, become a treasured national institution inspiring artists, poets, musicians and podcast-makers ...

Spring 0 - Max Richter
Forces of Attraction - Jóhann Jóhannsson

I, like many others, occasionally go to sleep or wake up to the smooth tones of Zeb Soanes reading the shipping forecast. He hovers, in other words, around my subconscious.
— Elizabeth Davis, BBC Music Magazine