One of Radio 4’s most reassuring voices
— Mail on Sunday
It’s no accident that both [Peter] Donaldson and Zeb Soanes trained as actors, achieving the vocal skills and power to deliver serious news seriously.
— Nicholas de Jongh, Theatre Critic and Playwright, Radio Times

Radio Drama

Zeb Soanes makes an ace Derek Nimmo
— Gillian Reynolds, Sunday Telegraph
“Zeb Soanes did a brilliant job of convincing us he was Derek Nimmo and not about to break into reading the news (his more usual role on Radio 4)”
— Kate Chisholm, The Spectator
Zeb Soanes is terrific as its star, Derek Nimmo.
— Paul Donovan, Sunday Times
A nice turn from Radio 4 announcer, Zeb Soanes as the Librarian
— Richard Brinck-Johnsen, Doctor Who News
That God wasn’t depicted in the usual, booming way of an Old Testament grandee but as a gentle, smooth-voiced radio announcer whose first warning of the flood came in a shipping forecast was a happy innovation — all the better for being entrusted to Zeb Soanes, a genuine radio announcer known in Britain for the shipping forecast.
— Michael White, New York Times

Poetry Reading

The Shipping Forecast

Watch Zeb read the Shipping Forecast on BBC FOUR

I, like many others, occasionally go to sleep or wake up to the smooth tones of Zeb Soanes reading the shipping forecast. He hovers, in other words, around my subconscious.
— Elizabeth Davis, BBC Music Magazine